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Winners 2017

From top left clockwise: Martial Arts ©Hedayatullah Amid, Around and Around ©Rahmat Gul, Floating ©Jawad Jalali, Soldiering On ©Abdul Latif Azimi, Playing at Dusk ©Khoshhal Barialai, Mister Afghanistan Competition ©Farshad Usyan

From top left clockwise: Martial Arts ©Hedayatullah Amid, Around and Around ©Rahmat Gul, Floating ©Jawad Jalali, Soldiering On ©Abdul Latif Azimi, Playing at Dusk ©Khoshhal Barialai, Mister Afghanistan Competition ©Farshad Usyan


UNESCO announces the winners of

the Second Kabul Photo Biennale


11th October 2017, UNESCO Office for Afghanistan—UNESCO announces the winners of the Second Kabul Photo Biennale on the theme of REBIRTH.

The Second Kabul Photo Biennale (2017) is an event organized by the Government of Afghanistan and UNESCO within the framework of the NPCE—the National Programme for Culture and Creative Economy.

The 2017 Biennale organized a nation-wide open photo competition between July 13th and September 13th 2017, inviting professionals and enthusiasts to submit photos on the theme of REBIRTH.  

The winners were selected anonymously by an independent jury of five photographers and filmmakers composed of, Mr. Reza Deghati (President of Jury), Ms. Sadie Quarrier, Mr. Massoud Hossaini, Ms. Nelofer Pazira and Mr. Atiq Rahimi, with the results available on the UNESCO ( and  the Photo Biennale websites (, as well as on the Biennale’s Facebook page (

From more then 2000 and 1000 photographs received respectively in the camera and mobile-phone categories, the Jury selected the following:

Camera:                               1st prize - Martial Arts, by Hedayatullah Amid

                                             2nd prize - Around and Around, by Rahmat Gul

                                             3rd price – Floating, by Jawad Jalali

                                             Honorary mention - In Front of Darul Aman Palace, by Omer Khan.

Mobile-phone:                     Top 3 photo - Soldiering On, by Abdul Latif Azimi

                                             Top 3 photo - Playing at Dusk, by Khoshhal Barialai

                                             Top 3 photo - Mister Afghanistan Competition, by Farshad Usyan

The jury commented on the first winning photo taken by Hedayatullah Amid adding that, “The photo has perfection in its composition and its subject. It shows the image which goes beyond general understanding of Afghan women, and poses positive strength of the country driven by the people of Afghanistan.”

A first show of the sixty photographs short-listed by the Jury was organized in the gardens of the Presidential Palace on occasion of the Senior Official Meeting (SOM) on October 4th and 5th, showcasing photographs from the past and present Biennales. 

The photographs will be on show in Kabul at the Queen’s Palace, Babur Gardens between October 12th and November 11th in an exhibition open to all.  Future venues will be announced.

The NPCE (National Program for Culture and Creative Economy) closely adheres to the Government of Afghanistan’s National Peace and Development Framework for 2017 – 2021, which recalls that the country must use “its rich cultural heritage to build a national identity and sense of citizenship that rise above local enmities and perceived differences”. The NPCE is funded by the National Trust Fund for Cultural Heritage and Creative Industries that was established in 2016, as a result of an Agreement between Government of Afghanistan and UNESCO.

The NPCE covers eight Thematic Areas; one of these areas is the promotion of the Right to Culture that puts forward the right of all Afghans to access culture. In a context of post-war recovery, the emphasis on people’s right to culture is seen as instrumental in raising the awareness of the broader critical goals of reconciliation and peace building.  As part of this process, photography and the visual arts means of expression and information exchange that can make an important contribution to social and cultural integration.

TOLOnews is the official media partner of the Biennale 2017.


عکس های ویژه

featured photos

عکس های انتخاب شده هردوبخش عکاسی با کامره و مبایل ، در صفحه اینستاگرام ما " تولد دوباره افغانستان را کشف کنید" به نمایش گذاشته خواهد شد


The Afghanistan We Are Proud Of




تولد دوباره» شما را می خواهیم»

مسابقه سراسری عکاسی در افغانستان


دو سال قبل، یونسکو رقابت عکاسی را در سراسر کشور برگزار کرد و هزاران عکس را برای اشتراک در این رقابت دریافت شد. نمایشگاهی از عکسهای انتخاب شده در کاخ ملکه - باغ بابر در کابل برگزار شد و سپس به آسیا و اروپا سفر کرد

از این رقابت و نمایشگاه مردم افغانستان و عکاسان به گرمی استقبال نمودند . واکنش های مثبت علاقمندان به این برنامه   دولت افغانستان و یونسکو را تشویق کرد تا این رقابت را به یک رویداد منظم تبدیل کنند

در بعضی مواقع تصور می شود که درگیری و نزاع در افغانستان، همه چیز را تحت تاثیر قرار داده است. اما این گونه نبود، مسابقه عکاسی  قبلی ثابت کرد که اینگونه نیست.  افغان ها تمایل زیادی  برای نمایش امید و زندگی دارند. برای مسابقه امسال شما دعوت شده اید تا موضوع "تولد دوباره" را نمایش دهید. بهترین عکسهای  خود  که تصور می کنید بیانگر" تولد دوباره " در محل ، زمان و یا خود شما می باشد را با ما به اشتراک بگذارید و به این مسابقه بپیوندید و یکی  از برندگان ما باشید

دوسالانه عکاسی کابل  امسال  با حمایت مالی حکومت افغانستان برگزار می گردد و توسط حکومت  افغانستان، یونسکو و طلوع نیوز ترتیب و تنظیم گردیده است



موږ ستاسې "بیا زیږون" غواړو

د افغانستان د عسکونو سراسري سیالي


دوه کاله مخکې، یونسکو د انځور جورولو ملي سیالۍ جوړه کړې وه. په دغه سیالۍ کي په زرګونو خلکو ګډون کړی وو، انتخاب شوې انځورونه  بیا د کابل په باغ بابر(د ملکې قصر) کې نندارې ته  وړاندې شول، چې بیا وروسته دغه انځورونه نورو آسیایی هیوادونو او اروپا ته هم ولیږل شول

 د افغان انځورګرانو (عکاسانو) او عامو خلکو ګډون په دغه سیالۍ کې مثبت وو او ډیر په مېنه يې پدغه سیالېو کې برخه اخيستې وه ، په سیالۍ کې نندارې ته وړاندې شوي انځورونه او د خلکو لیوالتیا دومره زړه راښکونکي وو چې افغان دولت او یونیسکو سازمان یی دې ته وهڅول ترڅو بیا بیا دغه شان سیالۍ تر سره  کړي ددې لپاره چې خلک پکې برخه واخلي او  د خپلې ټولنې سالم انځورونه نورو خلکو ته وړاندې کړي

کله کله نړیوالو ته داسې معلومیږي چې په افغانستان کې یوازې  جنګ دی او نور څه نشته. خو دا خبره حقیقت نه لري. د انځورونو تیرې سیالۍ دا خبره ثابته کړه چې افغانان د یو نوي ، سوکاله او هر اړخیزه ژوند په لټه کې دی

 د دې کال په سیالۍ کې تاسو ته بلنه درکول کیږي ترڅو په خپلو انځورونو کې د بیا زیږون موضوع روښانه کړئ، نو په دې موضوع باندې خپل دخوښې وړ او ارزښتناکه انځورونه مونږ ته راولیږئ، او پکې د خپل ځان، د خپل وطن او د خپل وخت ګواهان شۍ

دغه د ۲۰۱۷م کال د انځورونو سیالې، چې هر دوه کاله پس یو ځل ننداره چيانو ته د نندارې په منظور وړاندې کیږي مالي لګښت يې افغان حکومت ورکوي

تنظیم کوونکي یې: افغان حکومت، یونسکو او طلوع نیوز دي




A Nation-Wide Competition for Photographs of Afghanistan


Two years ago, UNESCO organised a nation-wide photography competition. Thousands of entries were received. An exhibition of selected photos was held at the Queen’s Palace in Babur Gardens in Kabul and then travelled to Asia and Europe. The response from Afghan photographers and public was so positive, there were so many interesting entries, that the Government and UNESCO have been encouraged to build on this success and turn the competition into a regular event.


It would appear, at times, that in Afghanistan the dreary monochord of strife and conflict drowns out all else. But it is not so; the previous competition proved otherwise. Afghans share a common yearning for the fullness of life’s variegated manifestations. In this year’s competition, you are invited to explore the theme of “REBIRTH.” Send us your best, most thought-provoking images, and bear witness to your times, your place, yourself.


The 2017 Kabul Photography Biennale is financed by the Afghan Government and is organised by the Afghan Government and UNESCO, partnering with TOLOnews.


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